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The Sift on TigerRider Intro
I worked with a local band named TigerRider to create a music video intro
Infuz brought me on to edit "The Sift" for their news blog "Realtime STL"
In Depth With Gram Bensinger New Balance: Pronation
A short promo for New Balance Music by Broke For Free
Gold Can Stay - Budding
A Keying and Rotoscoping clip from the show In Depth, with Graham Bensinger. Music by Broke For Free
Gold Can Stay - The Gold Lining
Funded: Ep 1 Whittlemania Logo and Sponsors
My Senior Thesis: The first episode of my web series on crowdfunding and other fund raising methods. A film reel for the “Whittlemania” party Coolfire threw last summer that played onstage for the entire event.
Music by Broke For Free
Leaf - Lonely Organ
Leaf - Figure It Out ft. Caswell
Total Recall (1990) Intro Funded: Ep 2
The second episode of my Senior Thesis, explaining the entire crowdfunding process Music by Broke For Free
Leaf - Lonely Organ
Leaf - Like Swiming
An animated intro to the 1990 sci-fi thriller, Total Recall.
Music by Basement Jaxx Single - Dracula
The Heavy Project Rockman Skit
An animated Logotype for The Heavy Projects. A skit I keyed out and added effects to, for Critical Hit Studios.
Music by Flying Lotus
Until The Quiet Comes - All The Secrets Music by Dethklok
Dethalbum 2 - I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site of Odin
UMSL Treehouse The Driskill Hotel Takeover
The site intro to the UMSL Treehouse, a social media hub website for UMSL’s design students and alumni. A promo video for an event at South by Southwest in Spring, 2013.
Music by wolfgang gartner – push & rise
Cube Animation Nintendo Shorts
A Greyscalegorilla contest entry with only one guideline: animate something involving a cube.
Three short bumpers for Nintendo.
Music by 8-Bit Weapon - Mario 2,
Anamanaguchi - Another Winter,
Koji Kondo - Zelda: A like to the Past